Please read these House Rules before booking your stay

• We supply linens, towels, paper products, soaps and BBQs to daily/weekly tenants only. We do not supply these to monthly and long term tenants. (WiFi and BBQs are included.)
• Management reserves the right to show the accommodation to prospective customers during daylight hours and to access fuse panels, water supplies and any other maintenance as required.
• Management reserves the right to upgrade your accommodations if necessary, at no charge.
A breach of any of the following conditions may result in immediate termination of your stay. 
In the event of  termination, no refund will be forthcoming.

• All guests must be 25 years of age unless accompanied by an adult.
• No unregistered guests on the property unless approved by management, occupancy is not transferable.
• Pets are subject to approval, no smoking in rooms and no noise that interferes with other guests.
• Use of heating or cooling appliances other than supplied by Anthony’s Gardens is strictly forbidden. The misuse of any appliances to heat or cool the accommodations is also forbidden.
• All fees for accommodations are non-refundable.
• A full refund on bookings will be made if we receive written notice or by email 60 days or more in advance. Notice given 59 days or less will be subject to our ability to rebook the accommodations for the same fee.
* Anthony’s Gardens reserves the right to cancel a booking by written notice or email 60 days or more in advance.
• Availability is only guaranteed for periods that are paid for.
• Guests are responsible for any missing articles or damage to property or contents, at the owner’s discretion.
• Any week containing Friday the 13th, parking could be unavailable, or subject to restrictions.
• Check In time: 4 PM, Check Out time: 10:00 AM
• In the event of disturbance, that requires intervention or OPP, the property is to be vacated immediately with no refund of unused rent (at the discretion of Property Management).
• If the room is left vacant for 24 hours, we will assume that you have vacated the unit and we will terminate your rental unless you notify us otherwise (subject to approval by management).
• The unit must not be left unoccupied for more than 24 hours.
* Security Deposit will be returned by cheque after the rooms are cleaned or within 72 hours. 


Enjoy your stay in Port Dover!