Brugmansia Blooms

If planted and fertilized properly you will get the odd bloom at any time, but sometimes not. Light, heat, drought, etc. can all affect the results. Usually a sunny or partially sunny location, well watered, good drainage and proper fertilizing will give good results. You will most likely get a small flush of blooms in June or July. 

You can be quite impressed, and it will make all your efforts worthwhile however, the best is yet to come. As this flush finishes the next one will just be starting. If you look closely you will notice small buds that look like pickles. Usually on the second flush there will be 30 or more blooms. Three hundred or more is not unusual. The branches can become so heavy with blooms that they will droop down to the ground. After the buds first appear they will take about 2 to 3 weeks to open. The small pickle shaped bud will grow 5-7 inches during development. As opening day arrives the now long bean shaped pod will crack open at the bottom and you can see the flower starting to unravel over a period of a couple of days. It seems to take forever until you go out one morning and the tree is all of a sudden covered with blooms.