Brugmansia Fragrance

Truly this is one of the most fragrant of all flowers. While the perfume is mild during the day, it will explode, pouring out in the late day or early evening and continuing into the night. This is truly the best time to enjoy your plant. Be sure to have it in a location were you sit by it in the evening. If you stay up late enough, you can actually witness the blooms opening. It will become more like a pet than a plant. Don’t be surprised if you become attached to it! Lots of people keep them for years, having parties when they bloom or just inviting friends over to see it in bloom. 

This plant is of special interest not just to plant lovers but to all kinds of nature lovers. For the very patient observer, place a spotlight under your tree in late summer at night. Sit very still and if you're lucky enough you may spot a humming bird moth. Not only do you have the most fascinating tree but you also get to see one of nature’s truly special creatures. Most people have never heard of this moth let alone seen one. With the aid of a light and the irresistible fragrance of the flowers they will most likely come visiting. They are as large as a sparrow and as the name implies, flies like a humming bird. If you didn’t know better you’d wonder what a humming bird was doing at visiting at night, but if you move slowly from behind (as they are blind and fly by radar) you can get quite close . You can see it drink nectar from the throat of the flower as it moves from flower to flower, staying 30-60 seconds at each.