Brugmansia Potting Mix

The soil! Unlike most other plants it is very hard to make it too rich. I have planted in almost every magical mixture, and they all seem to work, but the most reliable one I use is:

1 part manure, 2 parts soiless mix. For a large pot at least 3 cups of bone and blood meal. 

When you first transplant it, soak it with transplant solution. You will need at least 1 1/2 gallons or 4 litres. Apply till the soil is soaked and it runs out the bottom. Never use a drip pan under the pot unless you have it indoors. Leave it till it dries out on the surface of the soil and then repeat as necessary with a solution of 20 20 20 fertilizer (or fish emulsion) at one third the manufacturer’s recommended rate. 

This is one plant that is very hard to over-water.