Potting and Drainage for Brugmansia

As this plant grows it should be put in a pot at least 1/3 of the plants size, or desired size, i.e. a 2 ft. wide pot for a 6ft. plant. The rule is, the bigger the better, the larger the pot the bigger the tree will be. I recommend a square or cylindrical shaped pot as the top of the plant can get quite large and if the bottom of the pot is too narrow it will tend to tip or blow over too easily.

VERY IMPORTANT. Drain holes should make up at least 25% of the bottom of the pot. A plastic pot is definitely best as it will be lighter, stronger and last a lot longer. It will also be easier to drill more and larger holes in the bottom. Usually 5 to 7 7/8 inch holes are best. It is a good idea to get a very strong pot that is about 24 to 28 inches across, this way you will probably never have to replace it. Crush enough pop cans to cover the bottom of the pot and the holes at least 3 layers deep.