Winterizing your Brugmansia

As the winter comes, you will have to be prepared to bring in your tree or it will die. It may seem impossible to bring in such a big plant but it can be done quite easily a couple of different ways. If you intend to keep it growing in a sunny window or green room, you will have to contend with the size and removing any insects from the plant and soil. You may not see any but there are probably lots of eggs on the leaves and in the pot. If it is not treated before it comes in , there is a good chance you will be overrun with bugs before long. 

First, trim your tree to make it easier to handle and also suit its new location. You can be quite brutal as it will grow right back. The more you trim it back the easier it will be to deal with. Letting the pot dry out will also make it a lot lighter and easier to move. While still outside, mix up at least 4 litres of diazinon and spray the leaves top and underside till it runs off. Pour the last litre or so into the soil. Now cover the plant with a large clear plastic bag and place it in the shade. Wait 5 to 10 days and repeat. If you don’t like using any insecticide, simply remove all the leaves, trim to suit (the more the better) and wash it well with soap and water. It should now be safe to bring it in. Be careful not to place it near other plants that may be infected. 

Under good conditions it may bloom around Christmas time. The easiest option is to remove all the leaves, trim it right back to the first two "Y"s at the top, spray it for bugs (optional) and place it in cold storage. 40 to 50˚F or 5˚C is best and no light is needed. Water very sparingly, and the tree will go dormant until you bring it out in the spring. 

That’s about it! Now grow it and show it!